What are the meditation techniques that you have found that work best for you? |

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Meditation comes from…..

The word “meditate” comes from an Indo-European root which means “measure”. We have five measuring sticks. The first of these is Honesty. The question that the old timers use for honesty: “Is it true or is it false?”. We need the guidance of our spiritual advisor or sponsor to measure our progress with ourselves and others. http://www.aroundthetables.com/ViewPage.php?pageID=285

Many people believe that it come from the word that means “to find the middle” Mediate come from this word not meditate.

Finding the middle or balance is part of the program but you asked about Meditation.

To meditate for most people is to contemplate. Keep this in mind:


I am as I think. I am very emotional and this affects my body, mind, and soul. It affects how I am viewing reality.

For example:
If I contemplate the wrongs others have done or only see negative outcomes all around me – I am feeding this “reality”.


I contemplate the change in season the beauty of nature at work – the sky as the clouds move through, the last time my ??? told me they loved me or made love then I am feeding a positive.

Meditations – Thoughts – prayer goes hand in hand with meditation.

It is good to begin a day with certain thoughts such as what can I do to help the next person, were can I contribute.

Asking for help to be the best I can be as a son or daughter, parent or friend, employee or empoyer.

Ask for help to be honest – Meditate on “Removing the excuses we make the little lies that taint our soul. The justifications we make that are empty and leave us guilty”.

Ask for help to be unselfish. Meditate on “That I can let another get what they want rather than impose my thinking and wants. That today I can give up my little something time or usual to be or do or give to another”.