The truth about internet dating services, when to jump ship?

The concept of being able to find Mr. or Ms. Right on one of those internet dating services seems worthy of attention.  Specially if you look at their advertised success rates!  However, it is important for people to be wary of some of the pit falls that can come from services like these and how easy it is to be duped by people who are less than honest in their dating profiles. 

While doing some research I was surprised to read that it is estimated that approximately 13 percent of men registered with online dating services are actually married!!!

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I do not know of many women who would sign up to get involved with that…In some cases people who create profiles on internet dating services blatantly lie about their looks, income, education, political views, and more. 

In one posted story a man talked about when he set up his first face to face meeting with a woman he had been in contact on the internet with for several months, when she showed up at the restaurant and introduced herself she looked nothing like her posted pictures. 

I do not mean that the pictures were close, or that she was having a bad day, or no make up, I mean that the posted pictures were of someone else!  Can you imagine thinking you were meeting a person who looked to be in their late 20’s or early 30’s based on their profile photos, only to be greeted by someone in their 50′ or 60’s!

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Sometimes people are less than truthful when they want to “sell” themselves but in many cases they will and have out and out lied.  When it comes to people on internet dating services who lie in their profiles about things like income or life style that can also sabotage a relationship before it even begins. 

It is unclear to me what they hope to gain from lying about anything because it is obvious that nothing will work out for them once they are found out to be less than truthful.  Internet dating services ask people to be honest but there is really no way to keep someone from embellishing or worse. There are alternative online dating sites where the main idea is to be completely anonymous.  These people might be better served by these sites, but for the mainstream…tell the truth already!

In my opinion the false photos and lying about being married are two of the biggest pitfalls you can come across when using internet dating services. 

It is important to keep your eyes and ears open and be a bit skeptical.  hopefully things will work out but you need to be careful…

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