Senior Dating Services

When you think about online dating the words senior dating services may not be first on your mind. However, with the divorce rate being what it is and the chances of being a widow/widower climbing the older we get it is not unusual for seniors to begin thinking about meeting that special someone on the internet.

Senior dating services are real.  Dating is not just for teens anymore, and the internet has revolutionized the way everyone dates and seniors are no exception.

If you are in the senior crowd and thinking about using an online dating service that is wonderful, however there are some things to watch out for.


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Many times when you have been married for a long amount of time you fall out of the loop so to speak. Things have definitely changed in the world, and you must remember that though you could trust your spouse of over a decade that may not be the case with someone you meet online.

Sex: Younger people like to think that they invented this idea and therefore are the only ones doing it. That is not the case I assure you. But for the recently widowed or divorced sex has dangers. Remember just because you are older and wiser does not mean that everyone your age you meet is. That is to say, sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise among the older group.

Emotions:  It is easy to be drawn into a relationship that is not healthy can happen to anyone. Nevertheless, many times someone new to senior dating services will be more vulnerable due to the death of a spouse. Get to know someone very well before you trust your heart to him or her. Cases of con artist trying to get in the good graces of a well-established senior are rampant.

Money:  Many times, we focus on women who are taken advantage of. Men too need to be cautious; many seniors have been diligent with their finances and are set for the rest of their lives. A younger person may try to take advantage of that loneliness and leave you holding the bag. The case for prenuptial agreements is all the more important for those using senior dating scene. You have worked most of your life for what you have, protect it.

Now that we have talked a little about the pitfalls of senior dating services lets look at the up side.

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Variety:  When you utilize an online dating service, you will have more access to a wider variety of people. Whether you are looking for senior, religious or ethnic (african dating for example) compatibility, it is much easier online.  Think about it, you do not have to leave the comfort of your own home to meet and talk to someone halfway around the world.

Safety:  In ways, online senior dating services are safer than the alternative. You can spend as much time as you like getting to know one another before you actually meet. Weed out the bad apples before they know where you live!

Choices:  Senior dating allows you to choose ahead of time what sort of mate you are looking for. Do you just want someone to talk to? Are you a gardener and would like to meet someone who shares your passion, it is as simple as filling out your preferences.

A final word…

Online dating has pros and cons whether you are talking about senior dating services or not. However managed properly you can minimize the risk and enjoy all the benefits of online dating. Take a moment today and test-drive online dating, you may be pleasantly surprised…