Relationship Advice – He Said She Said

There are all kinds of differences in how men and women see things. Here’s some relationship advice about the differences that we find in everyday situations. There are specific things that our culture popularizes about men and women. What we will do here is present these popular situations and our commentary from our collective point of view here at I’ll do the “He” portion, and I have enlisted my wife for the “She” portion. These are just things to kick start the discussion. If you have suggestions for additional He Said – She Said topics, please post them below.

Relationship Advice: The Man’s View

Contrary to popular wisdom, men are actually excellent in the area of communication in relationships. Men have the ability to take what is being said at face value and adhere to that. A man, generally speaking says what he means. On the other hand, this same characteristic is a hindrance when your woman expects you to understand the subtext hidden in the dialogue.

Relationship Advice: The Woman’s View

When women communicate, it is often on a deeper level than men. This gender may say something like: “I really thought that Tom was nice in taking Ginny on that cruise, and then buying her that ring for their anniversary. She must feel really special!” but they may mean: “I am really envious of the fact that Tom loves Ginny so much that he would take her on a cruise and buy her a ring. That would make me feel really special. I feel as if I am not special to you anymore”. Well, most men are not going to read into what was said, and will typically agree and continue about their business.

Now, there are some very stereotypical situations where these differences become apparent. They are sometimes insightful, other times worrisome, but mostly they are very funny.

  • On going out to dinner
  • On dreaded questions
  • On romance
  • On sex
  • On dogs and cats
  • As you can see, the reason that communication problems are so common is because men and women communicate in different ways! Gain an understanding of how the genders communicate, and you will master this area of your relationship!

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