relationship advice from a person who cant even keep their own relationship? |

i love giving relationship advice. i think im really good at it. people seem to think the same too. i help them out when theyre depressed from a breakup or are in trouble with their relationship. it usually goes well. for some reason it doesnt work out for me. my relationship crashes and burns and i fall into a depression/rage. its pretty sad that i cant help myself isnt it??? not all relationships are ment to be forever but still. what do you think of me and my situation?

Relationships aren’t as easy as putting advice to a problem. This being because most advice is book advice…it’s for the ideal relationship. But the fact is, every single person and every single relationship on earth is different and not all advice can match up 100% with the problem a couple is having.

For instance: In general we say, if you’re feeling uncomfortable with your significant other’s temper problem, talk to them about your concerns and try to make them understand where you’re coming from. This is text book advice. Ideally…this would work for everyone. First couple: The man easily raises his voice, slams doors, hits the walls…scares the woman senseless. So one day, she sits him down and confronts him without being offensive, just as the advice tells her to do. But he’s in denial and gets defensive and says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and starts saying that there just something wrong with her that she’s trying to cover up. Second couple: The man is the same way. The woman, again, sits him down and confronts him…tells him how he scares her when he gets angry and tells him of all the stuff he does. Realization hits him and he apologizes and from then on, makes an effort to get better.

All advice has to be tweaked here and there to meet the needs of the specific couple and individual. Even here, we give advice…but i by no means think our advice is followed to the letter. The asker tweaks it where it needs to be tweaked to fit his/her needs with his/her relationship and significant other.