Online Datig Tips — Honesty and Caution are Key

The internet has changed the world forever. Instantly being able to contact friends, family and others has become a way of life today. It has even affected the way people date, online dating is very popular with nearly 97 million people engaging in it today.

Online dating has many positive aspects, you can connect with someone you share interests with from halfway around the world, meet new people in the safety of your own home and have a much wider variety than is available at the local singles club. I mean there are websites that focus on religious orientation like, there are others that focus on cultural background or race like  Of course, with all the good there’s bound to be some bad.

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Meeting a creep who is only interested in one thing, being scammed or being stalked by someone who is unhinged. These are all common fears and sometimes they do happen, however with a few tips your online dating experience can be just as enjoyable and safe as any other kind of dating.

The Profile

The first step of course is to set up a profile to meet that perfect individual. Believe it or not there is a right way and a wrong way to do this.

Profile length:  When you create your profile too little is just as bad as too much. Keep your descriptions to about three paragraphs. Anymore and people will likely skip most if not all of it. Too short and you are uninteresting and you are not serious about meeting someone.

Personal Information:  Never put personal information on your profile! While the majority of people who are searching online dating sites are perfectly normal there, is always the chance of someone seedy getting your information? Even after talking to someone for a while through email, you should be cautious about what information you give him or her.

Honesty:  You should always be honest about what you are looking for and who you are whether you are internet dating or otherwise. Do not fake anything hoping to land someone, the truth will come out and you will have wasted your time and his or hers.

The “caution” part…

Internet dating has some interesting ground rules that you may be unfamiliar with. When and where you should do what are important things to know.

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1. Never give out personal information too soon. Where you work, your last name, your address and even your phone number need to be kept close to the vest, at least in the beginning.

2. When you do decide to meet, make it a public location. This is nonnegotiable! You will want to always leave yourself an escape option and this is the first step. If you live in an area where it is possible to meet in another town all the better.

3. Let someone else know where you are going. You could even have them call you to check in, or vice versa. There is safety in numbers so perhaps you could meet with some of your friends after dinner?

4. Follow your instinct, your gut if you will. This inner detection system will seldom lead you astray. If you feel that, something is wrong you should listen.

5. Alcohol is a “no-no” on a first date, not only is your judgment impaired you may be less inhibited. You need all your faculties when you are meeting in person someone you found while internet dating.

When you take your time and use some good common sense, you will find internet dating to be fun and exciting.

Online dating has the potential for you to reach out and meet people you would not have otherwise.

The bottom line is just be yourself and enjoy your dating. Use basic precautions and common sense and online dating can be great fun, safe and immensely enjoyable. Now you can stop reading and start doing!