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At one time, was the leading personals community online when it came to plus sized dating. However, although the idea has remained the same, the name has changed to There are other websites that also vie for this audience like and, but BBW seems to be by far the most popular.

The purpose of the BBW Personals Plus website is to help plus-sized people connect with other people that were either also plus-sized or open to dating someone with this body type. As a matter of fact, the BBW is a reference to this meaning: Big Beautiful Women or Big Beautiful Woman. 

Unfortunately, many plus-sized individuals have trouble finding suitable matches. Part of this could be due to a decreased self-esteem in body image and part of it could be due to society’s definition of what attractive is.

Regardless of what the reasons might be, the BBW Personals Plus website offers these singles the chance to really connect with someone who understands what they are going through and are not deterred by a person’s weight when it comes to making a romantic connection with them.

Many people understand that body weight is not an indication of a person’s intellect, compassion, and personality. However, sometimes body weight can play a significant role in determining how a person is treated in society. This is very unfortunate and members on More to Love are able to talk to one another and communicate in an environment that is healthy and caring.

Some of the great features on the website include interactive chat rooms, search tools, message boards, instant messenger, and profiles. Users also have access to unlimited photo uploads, testimonials, email, e-cards, and informational articles.

Even if you don’t walk away with a romantic connection, there is still a very good chance that you could make a friend in the process.

You can technically join the website for free, but to interact with other members you will have to pay a membership fee. A one month subscription costs $24.99. For three months, the cost is $16.99 per month. The cheapest option is the year rate which averages out to $8.33 per month.

It is usually suggested that people try to get at least a 3 month membership plan. Although it’s more expensive upfront, it does average out to be cheaper. Plus, it’s sometimes difficult to determine whether or not you like the website and find it helpful after only a month. To really get a feel for it you should give it a try for a little bit longer.