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Matchmaking traditions in Jewish culture are as old as the Old Testament where specific ladies in the community helped match young people who for whatever reason, hadn’t found a partner. You could say that the Jewish dating service of today has taken up that role; especially online.

It is ironic that most Jewish people looking for love online are not that religious. Most of them want to find a Jewish partner because there is something special about being Jewish. The sense of community, of shared challenge and achievement as a people is not found in other mainstream cultures.

The Jewish singles community is the largest “organized” group of daters out there. When looking for a Jewish dating service, you will find not hundreds, but thousands online. The Jewish family is a faithful one and the most influential cultural / religious group of our age.

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When reviewing a Jewish dating service online there are key thing you need to take into consideration.

  • Age of the site: Impacts the membership numbers and stability of the services.
  • Favorable Reviews: This one is kind of obvious.
  • Number of Active Members: This is your pool of “candidates” the more the better.
  • Free Browsing or Joining: This one is important. If you are going to shell out any amount of money, you want to take a look at the “merchandise” first. Here the “Try before you Buy” maxim applies.

In researching this article, and as a staple of what we do here at we have gone through the top sites so you don’t have to. I you are clear on what you want then you might have issues at a mainstream site. It is more difficult on some of them to filter by religious belief and many people do not include this in their profile. We can say that in our opinion the premier Jewish dating service is started in 1997 which gives it a mature status in the industry and in the niche dating space. They also claim to have more than 750,000 members worldwide with half of them in the US. The site also won a 2006 Webby Award for social networking and it is free to join. I think it complies with our criteria!

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An important part of any evaluation is to hear testimonials. Below you can find one of these from Sara and Dave a couple that met on and followed through…

Sara & Dave:

Dave proposed on their one year and seven months anniversary, under a giant full moon while the couple vacationed in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. “I figured I’d do it on the beach,” Dave says. “It was a nice night, and I was commenting on the moon and our anniversary. I thought I was being pretty dramatic. But she didn’t know until I got down on one knee!”

“I knew he was going to propose at some point, but I didn’t know when,” Sara says. “We were both completely stressed out and needed a vacation so badly. My only expectation was that I was going to relax on a beach. We were there a couple of days before he proposed, so it was out of my mind and a complete surprise.”

Success Story from

So if you are Jewish, single and need to expand the scope of your experience definitely register at Remember it is FREE so no risk. And here we answer the question posed in our title…YES Really! We wish you the same outcome as Sara & Dave or frankly… whatever outcome you prefer.