I need marriage advice on how to get laid tonight? |

The kid is in bed and the house is clean, my wife works from home until 10:30, so there is not much time to get her in the mood. Please help. I know it is a bit selfish, but I assure you I want to please her too. I do most of the house work except the laundry. I just want to give her some pleasure for once after work. If she’s there than you can start getting her in the mood now, start doing any little thing that she’ll notice you doing (stuff she’d do before you go to bed, that way she has no reason to wander around) She’ll appreciate that and it’ll make her happy. Take her a glass of wine/tea/something she likes. Give her a nice smooch on the neck. Come back in and give her a flirty note, another smooch.

When she’s done you can meet her at the door and give her a nice long (fresh smelling) kiss, offer her her toothbrush and your favorite PJ’s. Pinch her butt and tell her you can’t wait to see her in bed.

I’d like that anyhow.