How important is your online dating profile?

Be careful what you wish for…right? While deciding on what to put in your online dating profile stop and think a minute. If you paint yourself in a way that is not sincere and honest in your profile I can assure you that you will not be happy with the results.

Some people are lured by the seeming opportunity to “re-invent” themselves into a more “appealing” persona.

Many flat out lie…

You would be surprised at how many people put interests and hobbies in their profile that sounded good to them but they were things that they had never done before.

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Give your profile to someone you trust and knows you, let them be the judge of accuracy! You might be in for a shock! You can contact some dating services to get help writing your profile. Dating services are usually very up front about this.

Honesty, clarity and conciseness are paramount in building a successful profile. Clarity is hard to over-stress, you definitely need to write an online dating profile that is easy for someone to read. Here is where a good friend can also come in handy. Have them proofread whatever it is you think is easy to follow and understand.

A word about being concise. In online profiles, as in most written communication, you need to be to the point and not just go “on and on” about yourself. If you present yourself as someone that you are not then the people you will be matched with will be as good a match as picking a name out of a hat.

In order to be matched with a person that fills your “specifications” to put it coldly, you need your specs to be as clear concise and accurate as possible. At first site you might be tempted to see your online dating profile as a way to sell yourself, but that is not quite right.

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How many times have you seen an ad for a wonderful product, that ended up under delivering?

You can’t approach your profile like “sales copy”.

Your online dating profile should be a truthful expression of yourself. Remember, you are hoping to be matched with a person that hopefully has enough in common with you that you may be able to create something special together. This is true whether that “something special” is fun, variety or a meaningful committed relationship.

After you conscientiously complete your profile please bear in mind that you have done your part, but that for things to work the other people you are matched with also need to have taken the job seriously.

The truth is that the only way to know for sure is to give it a shot. Get out there, with a little knowledge, common sense and perseverance you will be back to feeling in control of your social atmosphere; whatever you might want it to be.