How Can Relationship Advice Be Simple?

Bear in mind that I said simple relationship advice, NOT easy. Relationships are never easy.

Frankly, when you look at what’s out there in terms of relationship advice, its way too confusing. What your Sunday preacher says will most likely be very different than what your shrink suggests. You can also be sure that you wont get your best friends or family to agree on what the best course of action is. On top of that there is an incredible wealth of information available on the topic, some of it of very poor quality.


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At, the guiding principle is:

If you can’t start today, then its not simple.

Leave it to someone else.

Weeding through this stuff is hard work, but we certainly feel it’s worth it. On this site you will find simple advice on the basics needed to build enduring relationships:

Look inside! Quick techniques to get your balance back.
Be in control! Tips to stay mindful of your thoughts, words and actions.
Be positive! Mental exercises to open your mind in any situation.
Getting yourself to ACT! Motivation techniques to keep you going.

We also focus on sharing experiences. I am confident you will take away practical tips, new points of view and inspiration from our practical help pages:

He said, She said. Different viewpoints on uncommon ground.
The One.
Sometimes what you want is not what you need!
Marriage A to Z! Key rules to guide your learning, it never ends!
Break-UPs. How to see things as they are, and get back on your feet!

At we are trying to strip the work of relationship building to its practical day to day essence. If you feel there is anything in here that is too complex, or not actionable right away, please let us know. We will fix it!

Having said that, I sincerely hope you find the information in these pages valuable. Don’t let it linger in your head, put it to work today!


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