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10 Mistakes Parents make when they Divorce
“Keeping the Kids Out of Your Divorce!”

How knowing this ahead of time can minimize the effects on the children?

1. Battle in front of the children 2. Use the child as a messenger 3. Put child in a “parent role” 4. Disrupt the usual support systems for children 5. Become the “Disney” parent 6. Date in front of children the first year after divorce 7. Make promises you can’t keep 8. Make child feel one parent is the “good” parent and the other the “bad” parent 9. Have different rules at each house

10. Discuss money matters with the child

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Groups Available-How we can help!

Because divorce can potentially create many problems for children, we are starting a “Children of Divorce” group at our Metro West office, located at 1507 S.Hiawassee Rd. Suite 101. Evelyn Wenzel, LCSW, CAP will be leading the group. It is a 10 week program and will begin in March on Wednesdays at 5:00 pm. For more information or to reserve a space for your child or if you are interested in a Parent Divorce Support Group please call (407)248-0030.

Evelyn Wenzel LCSW, CAP, Janie Lacy, M.S. & in Clermont Sandi Burchfield, M.S. are available at Total Life Counseling in Orlando, Winter Park & Clermont, Florida.

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