Do your online dating profiles make the cut?

My online dating profile was almost complete.  The only thing that I wanted to add was a video of myself.  To gain some insight about exactly what people put on their online dating profiles, the ones with videos, I decided to look at a few… 

I quickly came to discover that online profile videos have a lot of good points and well…bad points. 

I learned that you should not mention prior relationships in the video or mention characteristics about someone you dated in the past.  Many of the videos that I painfully went through contained people comparing what they had to what they were now looking for in a new relationship. It was very clear to me that his was NOT the way to go.

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The online profile that you build should be about you, and the type of relationship you are looking for. So after deciding what to focus on I started the prep work for the video recording.

To my surprise it turned out to be much more intimidating than I thought. While looking at one of the takes, I realized nervously that people were going to judge me physically, mentally, emotionally… My entire personality was going to be scrutinized based on the video!

I dealt with this by thinking: I can always make it better, I can always take it down. There is nothing binding about the video or your profile. My best advice now is to get one uploaded and see what happens. 

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The other online dating profiles that I viewed that had videos were not that great in my opinion.  the videos were in many cases long winded with people going on and on about themselves.  In my profile I provided detailed information regarding my likes and dislikes.  I included information about my background and a bit of family history but I did not go on and on…

I have to say that some of the better online dating profiles that I looked at were well worded and the videos looked and sounded great.  I took in all of the information that I could and tried to put together a profile that had all of the learning from the online video profiles that sI wanted to attract people to my profile that matched well with me.  I did not want anyone and everyone to try to get me to go out on a date.

I stayed as true to myself as I could and learned as much as I could from other online dating profiles.  Let’s see what happens!