Dating Ideas — Where Should They Come From?

So you finally found somebody you think might be a good relationship partner, but moneys tight and you want to impress them. Often times, depending ton the temperament of your partner or friend, money really doesn’t come into play, and the need for a wonderful and fulfilling date will come from other aspects.

Instead of redundantly going over the lists of clichs that pass as “creative dating ideas” out there in cyberspace,

lets focus on the different areas that you can leverage to push your creativity to another level.

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Elements of creative dating

Context: To get your creative juices flowing, start with your context. Whatever surrounds you. I can picture you smirking but seriously…I’ll give you an example. At work the other day, for no reason I went into supplies found the appropriate color paper and made an origami flower. And let me be clear.. I know NO origami! I just went on the internet and found a You Tube video explaining it step by step! I got home and it was a very cool surprise… granted this is not a date, but it was the beginning of an intimate evening together.

Mutual likes: You can’t have a wonderful time together if you are uncomfortable. So don’t pick the opera if you hate it…even if your partner loves them. It’s not a night alone on the town…you should both enjoy whatever you do.

Investment: Now this one is tough because it requires time and, not money. There is nothing that a lover cherishes more than to see that you took a special amount of time and effort in making your time together special. Let me give an example… If the I had paid someone to make the origami that I talked about before the perceived value would have been order of magnitude lower than it actually was. The fact that I took a few minutes at work, to find the paper, go through the internet instructions, and actually do some work, makes all the difference.

Environment: This is one that people execute by rote. Moonlight, a walk on the beach, candlelight, bla, bla, bla. Yes environment IS important, but make it your own, not a 40’s movie. A god rule of thumb is that it should transport you outside of the normal routine, it should promote being intimate, and I don’t mean just sex here. So in the “dinner and a movie” date the movie part does not promote intimacy…you are both absorbed by the story…there is no emotional contact between you. Depending on the scenario, even the “dinner” portion might be stuffy, distant and full of unnecessary protocol.

Another way to get your creative dating ideas flowing is through picturing scenarios and thinking of ways to fit them into your couples agenda. Some ideas follow…

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Ideas for themes

Romantic:  There are more definitions of this kind of date than you can shake a stick at. This romantic date is for the book lover; take your date out to a quiet area near a lake, park or even the back yard. Now spread out a blanket have a small picnic then read to them their favorite book. Get into the characters in the book, give them personality and voices! At a loss for the perfect book? Raid their library or ask them off handedly what their favorite is. It may sound simple or a little corny but trust me someone who loves books will thoroughly appreciate your effort.

Sports:  Dating ideas for the sports fan can range from the big game to hunting big game. However, a good low-key choice would be floating down the river on inner tubes and fishing. Even if you do not catch a fish the time together alone and relaxed will be worth the effort.

Daring:  Does the person you love have a daring personality. Push it to the limit and go bungee jumping! Even if you are scared to death, give it a try, the exhilaration and joy on your dates face when you unveil this creative dating idea will be worth every minute of trepidation.

Sweet: This creative dating idea will take some time to plan and execute, but it is perhaps the sweetest date you can plan. Good for any age group too. Secretly go about gathering information about your significant other. Photos, mementos and even old friends they have not seen in awhile. Secretly plan a this is your life party, guaranteed to be a smashing success. Caution, be careful whom you tell, you do not want word to get out before the big event.

In conclusion…

Dating can be hard, but with a little thought and some ingenuity, you can pull off the excellent date. Dating ideas do not have to be complex or expensive as long as you put a little of yourself into them.