Christian Chat


Unlike most other chat rooms, Christian chat rooms come with rules that are both written and inferred. Why? Because the clientele that are typically drawn into these types of chat rooms usually have certain moral modes of conduct that they prefer to follow and, as such, there are some topics and behaviors that are considered inappropriate. So how should you conduct yourself in this type of chat room?

1. No name calling. It’s okay to disagree with someone and to state your opinion. However, it is not acceptable to call another member a derogatory term.

2. No impersonations. Although you might hide your real name for safety reasons, you should never try to pretend that you are one of the monitors by creating a username that is similar. This is misleading and can result in your getting kicked out of the chat room.

3. Choose your user name with care. It is not acceptable in a Christian chat room to pick a name that is sexually explicit in nature. This can make people feel uncomfortable and it’s not appropriate for this type of chat room where children could possibly be present.

4. Use clean language. No foul language or cursing is permitted; itís rude and obnoxious behavior that could get you thrown out.

5. No spam or advertisements. This is not the place to promote your business. People are in the chat rooms to talk and connect with one another-not to hear about your Mary Kay sale.

6. Donít ask for personal information. If you connect with someone and want to talk to them in a private chat room, then you can exchange information there. However, you shouldn’t do it in a public chat room. Likewise, don’t give out any personal information either.

7. Don’t stay if you don’t feel comfortable. If you get into a chat room and the topics turn to something that makes you feel uncomfortable, then simply leave. It’s often not worth it to try to get into arguments with people.

8. Take things with a grain of salt. Sometimes, people come across harsher in print than they do in person. Occasionally, something will be said that comes across as offensive or hurtful when it wasn’t intended to be.

9. Don’t berate. Similar to name-calling, Christian chat rooms should be welcoming to everyone. They are not the place to berate people and their choices. For the most part, they are a welcoming environment and should be treated in this manner.

Always read the rules before you join any chat rooms. Not every chat room is going to be a good fit for every person. If you find that you donít like the one that you have joined, then you can just simply walk away.