Cheating | – Surviving Infidelity is a very serious issue in a lot of relationships. There are some common misconceptions about it. One of them is that it is mostly men who cheat. Not true, it is actually pretty evenly divided. A second misconception is that you cant possibly survive infidelity. That also is not true. Unfortunately most couples just really dont have the skills or the tool set to really understand what to do to repair an infidelity. So in that case its a good idea to find qualified therapist or clergy person to be of assistance because there are some very specific things you must do if you plan on surviving infidelity and rebuilding trust. Trust is the thing that is most damaged in an infidelity. Later on though, if you can work through the issues and really change your relationship for the better many people find that you actually end up with a better, much stronger relationship than you ever had to start with. Because a lot of the early mistakes and expectations that were not quite accurate get corrected and resolved and that is the important thing because remember the outcome you are looking for is to have a happy, safe, healthy, loving marriage.

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