any advice on marriage and deployment? |

I’m getting married in July. I’m really nervous and I need all the advice I can get on anything that has to do with weddings/marriage/keeping a healthy relationship. He’s a marine and will be deploying in September. I’m moving where he’s stationed and will be going to community college there. I’m only 19 and he’s 20. When he deploys, it will be my first time being alone since I’ve always lived with my family. Any advice on how to keep myself happy and keep our relationship healthy through deployments? Thanks in advance! Okay, couple bits of advice. First, join the wives club on base. It will help you make friends and will give you some people in similar situations to talk to. Stay busy. Invest in a webcam, being able to see each other will help some. Calling cards. Visit your family part way through to break up the time if you can. Stay busy.

Write him a lot of letters. He’ll love them and it will keep him feeling like he is a day to day part of your life.

Good luck.